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Desarrollo de métodos de medida del nivel de esfuerzo/recuperación en la práctica de ejercicio físico, basados en la actividad cardiovascular, temperatura y respiración


The overall objective of this coordinated project is to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of non-invasive system that combines analysis of psychophysiological and behavioural parameters to manage the level of effort / recovery and stress, in athletes and practitioners of regular physical activity, based on the use of mobile devices. Meanwhile, some of non-invasive methods as it seeks to implement, will be developed in an innovative way in the project. We propose two subprojects to contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of people who play sports and healthy lifestyle.

The first subproject (UAB),  is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of a developed system for the management of effort and recovery in sports situations, based on the non-invasive use of mobile devices and analysis of psychophysiological and behavioural parameters. An important innovation is to design and develop a game (App) allowing self-control of psychophysiological variables and the sharing of achievements through social networks. It goes a step further than simply monitoring, providing a tool to train users in the management of stress and recovery effort at rest, reinforcing their achievements. Another important innovation consist of real-time evaluation of internal stress load during exercise, providing immediate feedback.

The second subproject (UPC)  provides the necessary technological support for the development and implementation of the system and its overall objective is to develop new methods of measurement and sensors to assess cardiovascular activity (ECG, HRV), respiration, body temperature and movement during exercise, and also the pulse wave at rest, allowing objectively quantify the level of effort/recovery. Algorithms for signal processing will also be developed to extract relevant information on the cardiovascular system, the level of physical and mental stress and recovery after exercise.




                            Temperature measurement prototype                              Pulse wave measurement prototype


Duration: 2015-2018
Financing Body: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad  
Project Code: DEP2015-68538-C2-2-R

Person in charge: Juan Ramos