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Occupational hazards and waste management


The management of laboratory waste is key to the smooth functioning of a laboratory, and key to ensure environmental protection,occupational safety and health of users. Teaching and research activities conducted in the laboratory must prioritize prevention and waste minimization, and secondly the reuse and recycling of waste produced.

Safety and hygiene standards (NSH) are instructions developed by the Ocuppational Hazards Prevention Service of the UPC in order to guide and assist Units in preparing their safe operating procedures (PdT)

Safe working procedures (PdT) are instruccions prepared by technical staff of the LAB to inquire of security measures to be taken into account in carrying out certain tasks.

Safety data sheets (FdS) are instructions provided by manufacturers of chemicals or dangerous machines in terms of safety, handling or accidents.

You can find all this information applied in our LAB in the following links:

Safety and hygiene standards


 SHR 001 - General Safety and Hygiene Regulations for Laboratories

Safe working procedures

Specific operating procedures

          • PdT-E-710.230.001 - LISN - Limitador de transitoris cat (11-2007)
          • PdT-E-710.230.002 - Trepant Minicraft cat (9-2006)
          • PdT-E-710.230.003 - Torn Optimum OPTID180x300VARIO cat (9-2006)
          • PdT-E-710.230.004 - Trepant portàtil Bosch cat (9-2006)
          • PdT-E-710.230.005 - Trepant sobretaula Quantum B14 cat (4-2008)
          • PdT-E-710.230.006 - Vitrina extracció gasos Filtair 936 cat (2-2008)
          • PdT-E-710.230.007 - Mesurador de rigidesa elèctrica Kikusui TOS8750 (manual original del fabricant) eng (2-2008)
          • PdT-E-710.230.008 - Mesurador de rigidesa elèctrica Kikusui TOS8750 (advertències de seguretat traduïdes) esp (2-2019)
          • PdT-E-710.230.009 - Mesurador de rigidesa elèctrica Kikusui TOS8750 cat (2-2019)

Operating procedures of processes

          • PdT-P-710.230.001 - Fabricació de  circuits impresos  cat (2-2019)
          • PdT-P-710.230.002 - Soldadura amb fil d'estany  cat (2-2019)
          • PdT-P-710.230.003 - Emergència sobre vessaments químics  cat (2-2019)
          • PdT-P-710.230.004 - Utilització de vitrina d'extracció cat (2-2008)


Safety data sheets  

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