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Instrumentation and Bioengineering LAB

We are a group of professors, students and technicians from the Electronic Engineering Department of the UPC and our main research is developed in the Laboratory of Instrumentation and Bioengineering.

We design new equipment and instrumentation systems in the fields of ATE, EMC, medicine and biotechnology. In particular, we design new measurement methods, specially for medical diagnosis, biotechnological processes and electromagnetic field measurements in tne near-field region and automotive applications.

Main areas of research

   Design of electronic equipment and medical systems
   Electrical impedance tomography and spectroscopy
   Electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety


Design and manufacturing tools of PCB
Wired and wireless computer network integrated to the main University network
Windows based servers for workgroup
High end electronic instrumentation and automated measurement systems based on Labview
Soldering an desoldering stations for conventional and low pitch SMD electronic components
Small machining workshop