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General information


- Welcome to the Instrumentation and Bioengineering LAB - TIC services eng (5-2018)

- Data protection manual of the UPC cat (10-2014)


- Instrumentation and Bioengineering LAB rules cat es (2-2018

- Enrollment of a new user

- The tutor / responsible person must provide the following data to the technical staff of the laboratory cat  (5-2018)

- You will receive an email with your account data and a notification  to sign the acceptance form provided by technical staff.

- If it is necessary to access the building / laboratory outside opening hours, interested person must follow these instructions eng (2-2018)


- Equipment loan es cat (2-2018)


Purchase procedure

- Shopping sheet eng es cat   (2-2018)

- Laboratory procurement process es (9-2015)



- Rules of accomplishment of the "Projecte de fi de carrera" cat (10-2014)

- Rules of accomplishment of the "Treball de fi de grau (TFG)" cat (10-2014)

- Guidelines for the realization of the memory of the "Projecte final de carrera" cat (10-2017)

- Memory template of the "Projecte de fi de carrera" cat (3-2012)

- Procedure deposit  "Projecte fi de carrera" cat (3-2012)

- General academics standards at the UPC cat (10-2017)