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Laboratory techniques



  • Soldering of electronic components es (4-2018)
  • Pre-heating in soldering tasks eng (6-2012)


Design of PCBs

    • Design of printed circuits boards es (3-2018)
    • Table of technology files for Ultiboard designs es (5-2012Technology files
    • EMC basic guide to PCB design es (7-2020)


    PCBs manufacturing

    • Production of printed circuits boards in the LAB cat (3-2021)
    • Production of printed circuits boards in the academic LABs of the ETSETB cat (3-2018)
    • Production of printed circuits boards by external companies cat (7-2020)
    • Reviewing the Gerber output files: (5-2017
      • GerbMagic. Free Gerber viewer software with various viewing options available. It lets you play around with Layers of Gerber files. It lets you easily print gerber files. You can open and view the following file types: pcb, gbr, gbw, gbx, pho, art, lgr, and lgx. Open files can be saved as: eps, pdf, tiff, rid, bmp, and gbr.
      •  DFM - Now!. Free Gerber Viewer, ODB++, IPC-2581, NC Drill & Rout.Print, Markup, and add Dimensions. Ease to measure distances between objects.




    Companies of electronics circuits assembly

    - Montronic Vic S. L.

    C/ Gandesa, 9 - Pard d'Activitats Econòmiques d'Osona - 08500 Vic - contact:

    Ermasol Electronics

    C/ Esplai,9  - 17481 St. Julià de Ramis - Girona - contact:

    - Insercad Electrònica 

    C/ Raimón Casellas, 137 - 08205 Sabadell -  contact:

    Elausa Electrònica i Automatismes S. L. 

    C/ Ermita de Sant Francesc, 1 - Pol. Ind. Malloles - 08500 Vic - contact:


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