Sistema combinado de análisis de parámetros fisiológicos, cognitivos y conductuales basado en plataformas móviles.


The aim of this project is to develop markers of adherence to healthy lifestyles and to evaluate its effectiveness in an intervention. On the one hand, a system for the analysis of physiological and behavioral parameters has been developed, allowing a joint interpretation for  the results obtained in humans and in animals. It is based on a telemetric system for recording the data, and on the development of specific software analysis systems adapted for the integration of data collected. An original and innovate application from human data sets is a machine learning system to integrate psycophysiological data (HRV, breathing and cognitive aspects) with a face recognition system based in webcam records (without cable connections). A similar machine learning system has been used to analyze animal data. 

We have developed a set of markers of healthy lifestyle adherence in a intervention to improve the regular practice of physical activity taking in account the healthy eating behavior, in both humans and animals. 

Duration : 2011-1014

Financing Body: Ministerio de economía y competitividad                 

Project Code  PSI2011-29807-C02-02. 
Person in charge Juan Ramos