Healthy Life style and Drowsiness Prevention



HEALING DROP project starts from the need of an interactive health training system to improve health, efficiency and work safety. The system trains the subject into healthier lifestyles and it is addressed to all population segments. In order to address the complexity of healthy lifestyles, a multidimensional aproximation based on three levels has been performed:

a) use of modern non invasive physiological monitorization techniques of healthy lifestyles markers;

b) wireless communication between interactive HMI (Human Machine Interface) and sensors;

c) Lifestyle training guidelines provided in order to improve health, efficiency and work safety.

The project is based on the modular development of an  interactive system that allows an improvement in the health, the workers safety and on the performance of different population groups by means of the training in the development of healthy lifestyles. The modularity of the system allows to particularize the use of the system in function of the application, for example for sport self-training and dietary applications, drowsiness in professional drivers, control of elite athletes  or control of the workers in shifts.

The interactive system is based on mobile platforms (mobile phones and tablets), and a remote supervisory system, communicated by GPS satellites, and 3G data technology.  The remote user interface is based on a web server platform. Several physiological, psychological and behavioral variables are monitored for each application.

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2011 - 2014

Financing Body MInisterio de Ciencia e Innovación INNPACTO

Project Code:  IPT-2011-0833-900000      

Person in charge:  Mireya Fernandez