Sistema de análisis de parámetros fisiológicos indicadores de salud, aplicación resultados en humanos y en animales



The main aim of this coordinated  project is to develop health and wellbeing indices for evaluating its relation with the maintenance of active lifestile and stress management. The first part of the project is devoted to develop and to evaluate the effectiveness of indicators of health and well-being in adults and older people, based on the analysis of HRV, tests of functional neuroimaging, respiratory parameters and cognitive variables. The second  part of the projcet , is aimed to develop and to evaluate the effectiveness of health indicators in adult and aged rats by using a laboratory model of exercise similar to the one used in the first part of project, It is based in the treadmill and, in the analysis of the HRV, the activity levels and the behavioural tests to assess emotional and cognitive aspects. The third part of the project involves the technological support which is necessary to develop the whole system for the analysis of physiological parameters allowing a joint interpretation for  the results obtained in humans and in animals. It is based on the development of a telemetric system for recording the data, and a specific software analysis system adapted for the integration of data collected in the other subprojects.

Duration: 2008 - 2011

Financing Body : Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia    

Project Code PSI2008-06417-C03-02/PSIC      

Person in charge      Juan Ramos