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Alfonso Méndez

email: alfonso.mendez@(

phone: +34 934 016 526

Electronic and Biomedical Instrumentation Lab.
Dpt. of Electronic Engineering
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, BarcelonaTech (UPC)

Campus Nord, Building C4
c/ Jordi Girona, 1-3
08034 Barcelona

I was born in Barcelona, Spain, in December 1961.

In 1980 I finished my professional studies on Industrial Electronics.

From March 1978 until April 1984 I was working in Kopa Electronica Company, assembling digital equipment for industrial control and audio circuits.

I worked from April 1984 until March 1986 in the Electrophysics Lab of the E. T. S. E. Telecomunicació de Barcelona. I collaborated in the set up of an anechoic chamber and design of a digital control of stepper motors for near-field antenna measurement. I also collaborated in making pcb masks of microwave circuits and mounting microstrip circuits.
In 1986 I started working in the Electronic Engineering Dpt. of the UPC, developing my main job in the Instrumentation and Bioengineering Lab. In 1989 I promoted to Technical Engineer until now.

The Electronic and Biomedical Instrumentation Group activities are developped in several laboratories:
. Instrumentation and Bioengineering Lab (193 m2)
. Calibrating and testing Lab (24 m2)
. Mechanical workshop (12 m2)
. EMC and electrical safety Lab (61 m2

Current main functions:

- General organization and maintenance of the Group Labs.
- Instrumentation repairing.
- Purchasing manager.

- Administration and maintenance of the Group servers,
- Installation and maintenance of 40 users computer.
- Management of user data backup and research data.

- Electronic circuit prototyping
- Design of PCBs by CAD systems.
- Carrying out of PCBS by chemical processes.
- Soldering an de-soldering techniques for TH and SMD electronic components.

- Workplace health and safety supervisor.
- Responsible of informing lab users of health and safety measures for developing their job.
- Chemical residues management.

At present the Group is formed by 10 Professors, 11 PhD Students, 36 MSc students and 9 Technicians.

May 2011,