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Pablo Juan




Electronic and Biomedical Instrumentation Lab
Electronic Engineering Dept, Building C4-313
Campus Nord, Jordi Girona 1-3
Barcelona 08034

Dr. Juan-García
was born in Barcelona, in April 1982. He received th MSc in Electrical Engineering (Enginyer de Telecomunicacions) from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) in 2006. Pablo finished his PhD thesis in Non-Destructive Evaluation of Civil Engineering Structures on April, 8th 2011. Currently, Pablo works at CRIC, a company of innovation located in the Gracia district of Barcelona, and continues to collaborate with the research group on issues related to his thesis.

Research Interests

- Non-Destructive Testing & Evaluation of Civil Engineering Materials

List of publications
  1. Juan-García, P., Torrents, J.M. “Measurement of mortar permittivity during setting using a coplanar waveguide”. Measurement Science & Technology. 21 (4) pags. 1-6.

  2. Juan-García, P., Torrents, J.M. “Non-destructive evaluation of civil structures using electromagnetic waves”. 1st Barcelona Forum on PhD Research in Electronic Engineering. Barcelona, Octubre 2009. pags 29-30. ISBN 978-84-7653-398-7

  3. Juan-García, P., Torrents, J.M. “Measurement of moisture in mortar using a coplanar waveguide”. IMEKO XIX World Congress. Lisboa, September 2009. pags 2285-2288. ISBN 978-963-88410-0-1

  4. Torrents, J.M., Juan-García, P., Patau, O., Aguado, A. “Surveillance of steel fibre reinforced concrete slabs measured with an open-ended coaxial probe”. IMEKO XIX World Congress. Lisboa, September 2009. pags. 2282-2284. ISBN 978-963-88410-0-1

  5. Torrents J.M., Juan-García P., Aguado A., 2007. “Electrical impedance spectroscopy as a technique for the surveillance of civil engineering structures: considerations on the galvanic insulation of samples”. Measurement Science & Technology. 18 (7) pags. 1958–1962.

  6. Torrents J.M., Juan-García P., Patau O., 2007. “Control de calidad del hormigón con fibras”. Jornada Técnica 2007-JT-02: Aplicaciones estructurales del hormigón con fibras. Cátedra BMB-UPC, págs. 87–96. ISBN. 978-84-87691-46-3

  7. Lloveras, J., Caro, M., Díaz, J.M., Juan, P., Rojas, I., Torra, E.. “Dosificador de doble dosis para líquidos”. Patente española ES 2257889.